How Solar Works

Our Process

Supply Power

Solar PV modules supplying DC power.

Grid Connect

Grid connect solar inverter transforms DC electricity into useable AC electricity

Porwer Usage

3AC power goes through the switch board for use in your house. The meter records how much unused energy is sent to the grid.

Earn Bonus

Surplus energy flows into the mains grid and you get paid by your electricity company for each kw/h exported.


What We Offer

Free From the Sun

Solar energy is FREE from the sun


Solar power is renewable

Environmentally Friendly

Solar power is environmentally friendly

Fossil Fuels Free

No burning fossil fuels

Carbon Free

Solar power is carbon FREE

Greenhouse Gas Free

SAVE tonnes of greenhouse gases

Renewable Energy Target 2020

You are helping Australia to achieve its 20% Renewable Energy Target (RET) by 2020 if you switch to solar

Lower Costs

Lower energy costs

Predictable Budgeting

More predictable energy budgeting

A MONOCRYSTALLINE solar cell is a dark black colour. MULTICRYSTALLINE is generally light or dark blue colour, and some patches are lighter than others. The difference in appearance is a result of the different manufacturing processes to convert the raw material silicon into a solar cell.

Using panels made by Tier 1 AND REPUTABLE Tier 2 manufacturers gives you the confidence that you are purchasing high quality panels using A Grade cells and ensures a balance between affordability and reliability without sacrificing your systems overall output

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The Solar Panels

The most recognisable part of a solar system. Solar panels come in various materials and degrees of efficiency. The best solar panel for you will depend on your individual situation and is determined by factors such as altitude,geographic location and the pitch of your home. What does matter is that whichever option is best for you, you use a high quality panel from a quality tier one manufacturer.

The Inverter

The inverter is what converts your electricity from DC voltage to AC voltage which can be used in the household.

Mono Vs. Multi


High performance in a laboratory testing environment due to the lighting angle.

MONO panels will perform better in perfect weather conditions, with optimum output when the sun is at its peak


Improved performance in the morning and afternoon, increasing overall daily output.

MULTI panels power output is more gradual and will produce higher output during lower light times at the beginning and end of the day. MULTI panels also have superior performance during cloudy periods.

Low Your Energy Bills

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