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Solar Panel Upgrades & Other Services

DoDo Solar provides a number of helpful solar services in Melbourne and Sydney for residential and commercial properties. Our main solar panel services include solar panel installation, cleaning and maintenance services for Fronius, Goodwe, Longi Solar and Huawei solar panels, as well as other brands. However, we also provide other services you may require. Whether you need a solar panel upgrade, a battery ready solar installation, a marine solar panel installation, or anything else, you can trust our technicians to provide expert service and advice.

Solar Panel Upgrade

With constant developments in the solar sector resulting in new solar panels and battery ready solar inverters, you might be wanting to upgrade your solar power system. DoDo Solar can provide additional or larger sized panels to fit the capacity of any system.

Battery Ready Solar Systems

Increase your power storage options with a battery ready solar system. As one of the leading solar system providers in Melbourne and Sydney, DoDo Solar has state-of-the-art solar inverter battery ready units in stock that can meet your energy requirements. Batteries can be added to any existing solar panel system, meaning you can easily make your current panels battery ready with our help.

Marine Solar Panel Installation

DoDo Solar can provide marine solar panel installation, with systems available that are designed to work in harsh conditions. The flexibility of these panels ensures they’re simple to mount directly onto any boat surface, making installing solar panels on a boat a straightforward process.

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